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SmartIndustry 2016

Traditional ways of achieving operational efficiencies and competitive advantages are being challenged by new, more powerful and cost-effective technologies. Is your organization prepared for a digital transformation?

  • "I was impressed with the lineup of presenters and subject matter."
    — Smart Industry 2015 attendee
  • "Interesting to see how their implementations work and allow other people to view those and see how they could work in their own facilities."
    — Jonathan Riechert, Senior Engineer, Innovation, Tyson Foods
  • "I was pleased with the interest levels, energy and the expertise of the people."
    — Steve Jennis, SVP Corporate Development, PrismTech
  • "Very insightful business and technical level presentations."
    — Smart Industry 2015 attendee
  • "Smart Industry had a combination of vendors and customers and so we had some really rich conversations."
    — Kevin Miller, Principal Program Manager, Microsoft
  • "I found the discussions to be very valuable…hearing how the IIoT has affected other industries and how I can apply it in my industry was beneficial."
    — Smart Industry 2015 attendee
  • "was impressed with the number of people from diverse backgrounds."
    — Stan Schneider, CEO, Real-Time Innovations (RTI)
  • "Smart Industry brings together people from different segments of the industry… and it’s free flow of ideas."
    — Deepak Puri, VP Business Development, Xively by LogMeIn
  • "You can see what one of your colleagues is doing and you can adapt that for your own purposes, so it’s really a great way to accelerate growth and opportunity."
    — Adam Schlosser, Director, U.S. Chamber of Commerce Center for Global Regulatory Cooperation

Featured Speakers:

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