Day 1
Sep 24 2018

Facility Tours

*spaces are limited; first-come, first-served*  Tours include: Lagunitas Brewing Company, Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute (DMDII) and TRUMPF Smart Factory.

Exhibits Open

Exhibits will be open from 11:00 am through the duration of the event.  Visit the Exhibitors page to see which companies will be exhibiting.

Change Your Culture, Accelerate Digital Innovation

It’s often said that company culture eats strategy for breakfast. And when it comes to strategy intended to advance an organization’s digital transformation, industrial companies have not historically embraced the seismic...
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Manufacturing Culture Change Speaker, Suzanne Burns, Spencer Stuart
Suzanne Burns

Organizational Transformation in an Age of Information Abundance

IoT is taking us from an era of Information scarcity to an age of Information abundance. The streaming data collected from a sensor can provide real-time feedback concerning almost anything...
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Trent Salvaggio - IoT Talent Consortium at Smart Industry Conference
Trent Salvaggio

Air Liquide Goes Digital to Transform Customer Intimacy

Air Liquide, the $25 billion global leader in small-molecule gases and associated technologies, serves a uniquely broad range of customers—from hospitals and home healthcare patients to semiconductor fabs and oil...
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Arnold “Marty” Martin

AGCO Leverages Digital Tools to Advance Lean Initiatives

The road to digital transformation for AGCO began long before industry latched onto the term to categorize the advances in computing and communications that are fast changing the world around...
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Digital Tools advance Lean and Continuous Improvement Initiatives - Peggy Gulick
Peggy Gulick

Speed Networking

This is a fun and easy way to forge new connections at the event. Through short, 3-minute sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to introduce yourself and get to know other...
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Networking Reception & Exhibits

Network with other attendees, speakers, and solution providers over drinks and hors d’oeuvres.
Day 2
Sep 25 2018

A Push towards the Network Edge: A Stepwise Approach to Digital Transformation

For manufacturing enterprises, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) offers huge potential to solve the heightened complexity of industrial computing as the landscape becomes more digitized. As IIoT gains momentum,...
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Anderson will discuss ege computing for manufacturing at Smart Industry Conference
Jason Andersen

‘Digital Intensity’ and Its Impact on Transformation

There seems little doubt that the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) will transform manufacturing operations. But what’s less fully appreciated is how the IIoT will transform how humans work, operate...
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Principal Engineer and User Experience Researcher, Intel Corp.
Faith McCreary
Market Innovation Director, Internet of Things Group, Intel Corp.
Irene J. Petrick

Deschutes Boosts Quality, Throughput with Predictive Analytics

The discipline of brewing beer has long required generous doses of both science and art, in no small part because of batch-to-batch variations in organic raw materials as well as...
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Deschutes Boosts Quality, Throughput with Predictive Analytics - Smart Industry Conference
Tim Alexander

Remote Monitoring Redefines Reliability, OEM Value Proposition

Staring down a shortage of approximately 85 million high-skilled and medium-skilled workers globally by 2020, coupled with the workforce transformation stemming from new digital technologies collectively known as Industry 4.0,...
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Rolf Paeper, Ingersoll Rand
Rolf Paeper

Bosch Retools Assembly Operations for Industry 4.0

As a leading supplier of connected products and solutions to the industrial marketplace, Bosch Rexroth also leads in the implementation of Industry 4.0 methodologies and technologies in own manufacturing processes....
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Rodney Rusk

Your IoT Devices May Be Weaponized (and What to Do About it)

One of the most significant areas for cyberattacks on businesses, networks, utilities and other critical infrastructure is through IoT devices. These attacks range from denial of service to ransomware and information...
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Penrose, Society of Maintenance and Reliability Professionals (SMRP)
Howard Penrose

Unified Data Infrastructure Needed for Insightful Analytics

Digital transformation opportunities often emerge when thought-provoking data becomes readily available for critical, conceptual, innovative and intuitive types of thinking. But data silos and isolated business applications often prevent easy access...
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Jolene Baker, LSI
Jolene Baker

Software Architecture Revolutionizing Upstream Oil & Gas Automation

Modern oil & gas (O&G) rig operations are highly inefficient because of varying skill levels of crews, lack of industry standards and no agreed upon metrics with which to evaluate...
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Smart Industry Conference, September 24-26, 2018 Speaker
Jarrod Chapman
Mark Carrier, Market Development Director, RTI
Mark Carrier


Moderated small discussion groups on key Industry 4.0 / smart manufacturing topics to uncover ways technology can improve your operations today and prepare your operations for the future.

Transformation from the Inside Out: Seco Tools’ Digital Journey

Seco Tools, one of the world’s largest providers of metal cutting solutions, is part of Sandvik Machining Solutions, the tooling business area of Sweden’s Sandvik Group. For more than 80...
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SECO Tools Rob Keenan
Rob Keenan
MachineMetrics co-founder presenting with Fastenal
Eric Fogg
Day 3
Sep 26 2018

Leveraging Digital and New Business Models for Growth

Yes: the digitization of industries is out of the gate. But no, it’s not where it could be, yet. Many companies are still stuck with “phase one” – digitizing operations...
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Accenture Automotive and Industrial Lead, Brian Irwin
Brian Irwin

Monetizing Industrial Goods in a Digital World

“How do I get paid for this?” Industrial executives are now collectively asking our favorite digitalization question. The “Digital revolution” celebrated its 70th birthday in 2018, yet after seven decades...
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Adam Echter - Monetizing Industrial Goods in a Digital World
Adam Echter

Secure Network Foundation Needed for Maintenance Analytics

University campuses have many challenges in common with large industrial facilities such as aging infrastructure, far-flung assets, limited resources and continuous uptime expectations. Sound familiar? At Penn State University (PSU),...
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Tom Walker, Secure Network Foundation Needed for Maintenance Analytics, Smart Industry Conference
Tom Walker

Accelerating Product Development in an Industry 4.0 World

Innovation is the epitome of change. Being successful at innovation, and overcoming barriers and ingrained habits, requires a perspective beyond the four walls of one’s organization. When Rittal looked to...
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Uwe Scharf -Rittal GmbH - Smart Industry Conference
Uwe Scharf

Adapting IoT Technologies to a Complex Shop Floor

At Teel Plastics, a custom manufacturer of extruded plastic tubing and plastic profiles, multiple lines—each with a dozen subsystems or more—are reconfigured on a daily basis. Into this environment Teel is...
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Owen Gwynne - Teel Plastics - Adapting IoT Technologies to a Complex Shop Floor
Owen Gywnne

Jabil Realizing Production Agility through ‘Desktop’ 3D Printing

The ability for enterprise employees to create a small replacement part, tool, prototype or usable product with a 3D printer directly at their desk has historically been viewed as a...
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Smart Industry Conference, September 24-26, 2018 Speaker
John Kawola
Smart Industry Conference, September 24-26, 2018 Speaker
Tim DeRosett

ArcelorMittal’s Journey to Eliminate Operational Disruptions

ArcelorMittal is a world class integrated steel manufacturer, and the company’s Hamilton, Ontario, Dofasco division is one of the most profitable in the fleet and a global leader in adopting...
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Closing Luncheon: The Democratization of Smart, Sustainable Manufacturing

In June 2016, the Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition (SMLC), a national nonprofit focused on transforming U.S. manufacturing by democratizing access to real-time data, was selected to lead the Clean Energy...
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Haresh Malkani, Chief Technology Officer, Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute (CESMII)
Haresh Malkani

Optional CMRP Exam

Conveniently located at the conference, attendees will have an opportunity to take the Certified Maintenance & Reliability Professional (CMRP) exam.  Exam is provided by SMRP and a separate fee from...
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