Best Practices from Industrial Innovators

Here are just a few examples of manufacturing industry practitioners’ best practices for digitalization success from past Smart Industry conferences:

Joan Knight, Exelon Innovation Director
Joan Knight, Exelon
Innovation Director, Exelon Generation

“Digital transformation centers around three areas: people, process and assets.”

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Tom Bucklar, Caterpillar
Tom Bucklar, Caterpillar
Director of Innovation & Digital

“There’s so much value we can create by leveraging data from 560,000 connected assets in the field.”

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Rick Boggs, Lockheed Martin
Retired Senior Fellow

“If we harness technology and act on the data it provides, it will pay for itself.”

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Chris Misztur, MacLean-Fogg
Software Architect

“By connecting, collecting, combining, computing and conveying data, we turn it into information, which then becomes knowledge.”

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Ed Rodden, Sugar Creek

“We’re pushing responsibility for success in the process to the lowest level.”

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Martin Davis, J.D. Irving
VP of IT

“We have automated vehicles performing data-driven tasks…deciding what jobs to do on their own and talking to each other in coordination.”

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