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tec5USA, Inc. offers complete, high-performance spectrometric measurement systems and modular components. Our expertise spans the electromagnetic spectrum from ultraviolet (UV), visible (VIS), to near-infrared (NIR), and is complemented by Raman technology. MultiSpec™, a unique process-ready modular measurement system, features a rack-mountable 19″ chassis that can accommodate multiple spectrometer and light source modules simultaneously. Qualify your process on a single platform and expand its capabilities as new applications emerge. Our spectrometer systems are equipped with high-performance detectors and fast operating electronics. The spectrometers are constructed with permanent wavelength calibration, rapid data acquisition capabilities (measured in milliseconds), and robust service profiles.

Distributed sensors, with data processing on-board, reliable and maintenance free is the idea of our embedded spectroscopy solution. For decades, spectroscopy for industrial applications was paired with PC technology and Windows operating systems, because nearly all generic sensor hardware and software was designed for PC technology, driven from products for consumers. Even interfaces like USB, which was never designed for reliable industrial applications, became state-of-the-art in industrial environments. Embedded spectroscopy, with its special demands, became realistic because of the recent developments in data processing capabilities, combined with low power consumption and the availability of data processing components for industrial requirements.



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