A Push towards the Network Edge: A Stepwise Approach to Digital Transformation

Anderson will discuss ege computing for manufacturing at Smart Industry Conference
Sep 25 2018
8:30 am - 9:15 am
Plenary Session

A Push towards the Network Edge: A Stepwise Approach to Digital Transformation

For manufacturing enterprises, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) offers huge potential to solve the heightened complexity of industrial computing as the landscape becomes more digitized. As IIoT gains momentum, edge computing will play a key role in keeping manufacturers competitive in the face of mounting pressures, including the need for real-time decision making and greater levels of efficiency, productivity and quality. In fact, according to a recent market report by ARC Advisory Group, 91% of industrial automation users surveyed said that having better systems and connectivity at the edge will improve real-time decision making.

However, many operations rely on outdated production systems that are expensive and unrealistic to replace all at once. A stepwise approach will be necessary to achieve next-gen automation capabilities and infrastructure in legacy environments. In this session, Jason will pull from his years of expertise in IIoT and edge-computing deployments to share how taking steps like investing in virtualization, emphasizing interoperability and prioritizing simple edge infrastructure will help manufacturers be successful in their digital transformation efforts and lead to greater value across their operations.


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