AGCO Leverages Digital Tools to Advance Lean Initiatives

Digital Tools advance Lean and Continuous Improvement Initiatives - Peggy Gulick
Sep 24 2018
3:45 pm - 4:30 pm
Plenary Session

AGCO Leverages Digital Tools to Advance Lean Initiatives

The road to digital transformation for AGCO began long before industry latched onto the term to categorize the advances in computing and communications that are fast changing the world around us. Indeed, what other companies have called digital transformation AGCO views not as a disruption but as a continuation of lean manufacturing principles adopted well before. “We’re problem solvers,” says Peggy Gulick, “and digital transformation just means a whole new world of tools for solving them.” Ms. Gulick will share the story of continuous improvement, communications culture, innovation and results for the $7.4-billion designer, manufacturer and distributor of agricultural equipment. You’ll learn, for example, how wearable technologies including hands-free displays and smart watches have combined with electronic workflow instructions driven by a unified engineering environment to deliver dramatic improvements in productivity, quality and safety. Also on the wide-ranging docket are AGCO’s experiences with logistics picking, quality-gate checklists, automatic guided vehicles, exoskeletons, 3D printing, torque tools, human and machine sensors as well as cobots and robots.


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