Change Your Culture, Accelerate Digital Innovation

Manufacturing Culture Change Speaker, Suzanne Burns, Spencer Stuart
Sep 24 2018
1:15 pm - 2:00 pm
Plenary Session

Change Your Culture, Accelerate Digital Innovation

It’s often said that company culture eats strategy for breakfast. And when it comes to strategy intended to advance an organization’s digital transformation, industrial companies have not historically embraced the seismic cultural, talent and process shifts that digital transformation represents. Indeed, the traditional industrial company culture is results-driven and process-oriented for good reason: to deliver stable, predictable outputs and economic performance. And while these cultural attributes may have served industry well in the past, they’re often diametrically opposed to the agile, collaborative and learning-oriented attitudes embodied by leading digital organizations. What’s needed is a new industrial culture that balances the need to deliver consistent, profitable growth against the ability to absorb and capitalize on often disruptive digital innovations. Using Spencer Stuart’s Integrated Culture model as a framework, seasoned industry leader Suzanne Burns shares how industry leaders at all levels can serve as change agents within their organizations.

Smart Industry Speaker Q&A:  Establishing a culture to accelerate digital transformation


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