Deschutes Boosts Quality, Throughput with Predictive Analytics

Deschutes Boosts Quality, Throughput with Predictive Analytics - Smart Industry Conference
Sep 25 2018
10:15 am - 11:00 am
Performance Improvement Track

Deschutes Boosts Quality, Throughput with Predictive Analytics

The discipline of brewing beer has long required generous doses of both science and art, in no small part because of batch-to-batch variations in organic raw materials as well as the sometimes mercurial behavior of trillions of tiny, living organisms. Tim Alexander of Deschutes Brewery is among those brewmasters aiming to increase the engineering quotient of his company’s production processes, and is finding that a bit of data science can go a long way toward improving the quality and consistency of its beers as well as increasing the productivity of its brewhouse assets. In this presentation, Alexander will discuss how the company has used a combination of process automation, data historian and cloud-based analytics technology to better understand the patterns in process data that predict the path of its fermentation processes. Results to date include increased quality, decreased processing time (by 12-72 hours per batch) and fewer manual measurements. He’ll also discuss future areas of focus where he believes analytics can further improve overall performance.


Smart Industry Speaker Q&A: A digital approach to an ancient craft


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