Leveraging Digital and New Business Models for Growth

Accenture Automotive and Industrial Lead, Brian Irwin
Sep 26 2018
8:30 am - 9:15 am
Plenary Session

Leveraging Digital and New Business Models for Growth

Yes: the digitization of industries is out of the gate. But no, it’s not where it could be, yet. Many companies are still stuck with “phase one” – digitizing operations for greater efficiency. And only a few have already made it to phase two, and are digitizing their offerings and business models to unlock new growth, revenues, and profits. Accenture research shows that while 80% of industry executives expect both efficiency and growth from digital, only 13% are investing correspondingly. Clearly, this needs to change if US manufacturers are to remain competitive and keep their edge in the global—and increasingly digital—economy.

But how should that change be made? What steps should manufacturers take, and how? What new capabilities and technologies will they need to leverage? And, above all: how will they pay for all that’s required? In this keynote, Accenture’s Brian Irwin will highlight some answers to these questions. By sharing Accenture’s “Industry X.0” model for digitizing businesses, and by exploring real-world case studies of manufacturers and resources businesses that made it to “phase two,” Brian will sketch out practical ways for making the next step towards a fully digitized business – a business that’s built for both high efficiency and growth from the IIoT, data, analytics and AI, and other key digital technologies.


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