Panel: Organizational Transformation in an Age of Information Abundance

Arconic Smart Manufacturing, Hicham
Speaker Khosravi, Canvass Analytics, Smart Industry Conference
Marie Getsug, Jacobs Engineering Group - Design for Reliability (DfR) - Smart Industry Conference
Trent Salvaggio - IoT Talent Consortium at Smart Industry Conference
Sep 24 2018
2:00 pm - 2:45 pm
Plenary Panel

Panel: Organizational Transformation in an Age of Information Abundance

IoT is taking us from an era of Information scarcity to an age of Information abundance. The streaming data collected from a sensor can provide real-time feedback concerning almost anything it is connected to. However, for this information to be valuable the organization must have the ability to adapt and respond to what the data indicates, and to do so within an environment characterized by high amounts uncertainty. Top down change is slow, and for every second which passes by where an organization has failed to adapt they fall that much further from optimal performance.  However, real-time adaptability at this level requires more than just retraining, it requires a change in the mindset of the entire organization, it must become a part of the DNA of the organization.  This requires a culture where employees are empowered to change the way they perform their work, where they are able to experiment with new ways of doing things and where they are encouraged to share their knowledge across the organization. This panel of industry executives share their first-hand experiences in leading organizational transformations and provide insights into best practices.


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