Sep 25 2018
1:15 pm - 2:30 pm


You’ll have an opportunity to participate in (3) 20-minute moderated discussion groups.  At the end of 20 minutes a bell will ring to choose another roundtable.  Be sure to bring your questions to discuss with the group!

Topics & Moderators:

Connecting Legacy Machines

Moderated by:  Gary Kiliany, CEO – Interstacks

Product Data Management

Moderated by:  Mike Domazet, Chief Revenue Officer – Upchain

Mobile Collaboration

Moderated by:  Scott Sweetman, Global Director of Sales – Parsable

Predictive Analytics

Moderated by:  Jon Biagiotti, Product Marketing Manager – Augury

Edge Computing at Scale

Moderated by:  John Younes, Co-Founder & CEO – Litmus Automation

Enterprise Data Management

Moderated by:  Cris Arens, Managing Partner – Logisyn

Managing Asset Performance

Moderated by:  Aaron Beazley, Senior Product Manager – Bentley Systems

Quality Management

Moderated by:  Brand Hinke, Director of Services & Validation – PropelPLM

Sensor Connectivity

Moderated by:  Brian Alessi, Director of Product Marketing – PsiKick

Remote Monitoring

Moderated by:  Yuri Chamarelli, Lead Product Marketing Specialist – Phoenix Contact