“Strange Bedfellows” – Ecosystem Design in the Age of Digital and Smart Systems

Glen Allmendinger, Harbor Research, Smart Industry Conference
Sep 25 2018
3:45 pm - 4:45 pm

“Strange Bedfellows” – Ecosystem Design in the Age of Digital and Smart Systems

As networks continue to integrate the physical and digital worlds, what worked in the past to drive growth is less likely to work now or in the future. In the industrial market today, we are rapidly evolving beyond “hub and spoke” monitoring and simple remote support applications to a new cycle of continuous innovation.  As the complexity of these systems continues to increase, the number and diversity of suppliers, stakeholders, users and supporters interacting with these systems will also rise in a way that creates a “social system” comprised of new unfamiliar relationships – a phenomenon we call “strange bedfellows.”

Leveraging the new digital data values inherent in connected products and systems will require new infrastructure and enabling technologies that will, in turn, inform the formation of new and different market relationships and alliance networks comprised of complementary machine and equipment OEMs as well as third party application developers and services providers. We believe that within these newly forming solution delivery ecosystems, players will need to understand new value adding “roles,” but also make conscious decisions about their position in market delivery alliances and networks.

Though their business models have begun to intermingle today, all of the major categories of players in the industrial arena have historically operated with well-established business models that reflected the distinctive competencies that each group believed to be at its core. The advent of Smart Systems is causing a blurring between these legacy business models forcing all the major players in the manufacturing world to re-think their strategies and re-consider their relationships. In this session, Glen will explore different types of ecosystems informing new Smart Systems and Services opportunities, highlight new applications and use cases, and summarize the critical success factors required to serve customers and users.


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