Keynote Speakers

Adam Echter

Adam Echter

Practice Leader for Industrials and IoT, Simon-Kucher & Partners
Andrew Hopkins, Accenture Digital

Andrew Hopkins

Managing Director, Accenture Industry X.0
Irene Petrick - Intel

Irene Petrick

Senior Director of Industrial Innovation, IoT Group, Intel
Matthew Littlefield, LNS Research

Matthew Littlefield

President and Principal Analyst, LNS Research
Michael Carroll - Georgia-Pacific

Michael Carroll

Vice President of Innovation, Georgia-Pacific
Scott Hutcheson, Purdue University

Scott Hutcheson

Director of the Agile Strategy Lab, Purdue University
Travis Cox, Inductive Automation

Travis Cox

Co-Director of Sales Engineering, Inductive Automation
Trent Salvaggio , IoT Talent Consortium

Trent Salvaggio

Executive Director, IoT Talent Consortium
William King, Fast Radius

William King

Chief Scientist and Co-Founder, Fast Radius

Track Speakers

Susnerwala, Air Liquide

Abdul Susnerwala

Process Controls Engineer, Air Liquide
Adam McMurtrey, Exxonmobil

Adam McMurtrey, CMRP

Field Service Engineer, ExxonMobil
Bruce Eng, Air Liquide

Bruce Eng

Advanced Process Control Engineer, Air Liquide
Carsten Baumann

Carsten Baumann

Director of Strategy, IIoT & Microgrids, Schneider Electric
Chad Stoecker, GE Digital

Chad Stoecker

Global Vice President, Industrial Managed Services, GE Digital
Chris Misztur, Mr. IoT

Chris Misztur

Principal, Mr. IIoT
Dennis Hodges, CIO of Inteva Products

Dennis Hodges

CIO, Inteva Products
James Bronstein, Principal Engineer, Ghost Solutions

James Bronstein

Principal Engineer, Ghost Solutions

Jolene Baker

Senior Manufacturing Intelligence Specialist, Logical Systems Inc.

Josh Lucas-Falk

CEO, Grand Studio

Kimberley Hagerty

Director, Digital Transformation Manufacturing Operations, Carrier Corporation
Patrick Ryan, ABS

Patrick Ryan

Senior Vice President Engineering & Technology, American Bureau of Shipping
Rodney Rusk | Bosch Rexroth

Rodney Rusk

i4.0 Business Leader, Bosch Rexroth